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Dungeons & Such
Dungeon RPG
Lurk through the dungeon, raise your level, find treasure, defeat the boss.
Simple and nostalgic dungeon RPG for iPhone.

- Story -

There's a small island called Eunaba, south from the Hornmaire continent. On that small island, a princess was kidnapped by an unknown evil. You as a player must become a mercenary and head to the dungeon to save the princess...

- Features -

- Words from the Author -

Over the duration of 6 months, I developed the game concept, art, opening animation and programming. Music was done by a friend of mine. Please give it a try!

Featured on AppBank.co.jp! (1/13/11)
Featured on PocketGamer.co.uk! (2/18/11)
Featured on TUAW.com! (3/17/11)

Development Diary - I recorded my development history on a blog.
Typing Sebastian - My other work, a typing game for the iPhone.

Please contact me here: summitisland@gmail.com
Press Release 1/9/11